Santa Fe offers a level and abundance of fine craftsmanship that makes the city a shopping mecca. The ease of getting around in a small, historic city means you can see a dizzying array of objects from which to choose in a single day. So, shopping here is more than fun, it’s both a tradition and a treat for the senses.

Fine Craftsmanship

Whether you’re shopping for lovely items for your home, a spectacular pair of cowboy boots or a memorable piece of jewelry, Santa Fe is the place to be. Every day, highly skilled artisans working in wood, leather, metal, stone, ceramics, crystal and textiles create unique pieces that are functional and highly individual works of art. There’s a distinctive approach in Santa Fe to blending styles and materials into an original look.


Enchanted charms of New Mexico at Fairchild and Co. Photo courtesy of Fairchild and Co.

Local, Global or Historic

Your treasure may be something that is designed and made in Santa Fe or it could be from a distant land. It could be a piece of history or something that was crafted just for you. Whatever it is, you can be sure it will be special.

Hand-polished Chrysocolla boulder at Touchstone Gallery. Photo courtesy of Touchstone Gallery.

Hand-polished Chrysocolla boulder at Touchstone Gallery. Photo courtesy of Touchstone Gallery.

Home Treasures

And, since every beautiful dwelling deserves equally beautiful furnishings, the city abounds with dedicated craftsmen using age-old techniques to create wondrously exquisite collectibles. When it comes to fine, handmade furniture, Santa Fe has few peers. And, there are antiques, handwoven rugs, architectural elements, decorative objects and more to tempt you.


Mediterrania carries antiques and architectural elements from Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. Photo courtesy of Mediterrania.


Sparkling Jewelry Creations

Jewelry adornments in Santa Fe are works of wearable art, which are styled with precious metals and sparkling gems. Many of the finest jewelers create unusual items that range from the abstract to the classic, incorporating rare materials, such as fine meteorites, sugilite, tanzanite and moonstones—to make distinctive pieces that suit the personality of the wearer. Santa Fe is legendary for Native American jewelry. There are traditional Native American jewelry designs in natural turquoise and sterling silver, like a squash blossom necklace, as well as more modern interpretations.


Lapis Lazuli & gold rings by David Griego Designs at Santa Fe Goldworks. Photo courtesy of Santa Fe Goldworks.

Fashions from Head-to-Toe

Santa Fe is well known for the wide array of clothing and accessories available, whether you’re looking for Western wear, designer labels, high fashion or custom-made garments and footwear, the variety of offerings are here. Fashion with a Western flair is in abundance. Guys and gals both will love a pair of custom boots, which can be as outrageous or understated as you like. Belts are a must, too, with fine leathers and handcrafted buckles of silver or gold that sparkle.

Ropestar Ranger Belt Buckle Set by Randall Moore at Tom Taylor. Photo courtesy of Tom Taylor.


Specialty Shops Rule

Happily, the choices don’t end there, either. Santa Fe is home to a myriad of specialty shops, purveying everything from regional salsas and chiles to heirloom-quality pens, from Tibetan singing bowls to a silver concho collar for your favorite canine.

Pamper your dogs and cats at Teca Tu, where you’ll find dazzling pet apparel and tasty fresh-baked deli treats. Photo courtesy of Teca Tu.

Santa Fe’s boutiques are a treasure trove of items, locally made and from all corners of the globe. To experience the variety of offerings, browse our website’s Shopping section, which can be sorted by the following categories: Fashion, For the Home, Jewelry, Shopping Plazas and Specialty Shops. You can shop all day without ever seeing the same thing twice.