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Michael Wigley Galleries

Located on the Paseo de Peralta gallery loop, this open-concept gallery features three museum-acclaimed American artists: Eric Sloane (1905-1985), representing the estate of this leader in traditional Americana paintings; Laurence Sisson (1928-2015), an American impressionist landscape and seascape painter; and Harry Jackson (1924-2011), an iconic sculptor of the American West. Other notable living and deceased artists at Michael Wigley Galleries include Kat Sawyer, Albert Hopkins and members of the historic Taos Society of Artists. Also exhibited are select museum paintings.


1101 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Mon-Sat: 10:00am-4pm • Sun: Closed
Michael Wigley Owner
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Artists Represented

  • Oscar E. Berninghaus
  • James Biggers
  • Eanger I. Couse
  • Herbert Dunton
  • Fremont Ellis
  • Nicolai Fechin
  • Leon Gaspard
  • Earnest Martin Hennings
  • Victor Higgins
  • Albert Hopkins
  • Harry Jackson
  • Ramon Kelley
  • Kirsten Kokkin
  • Eric Michaels
  • Mavis Murphy
  • Bert Phillips
  • Kat Sawyer
  • Joseph Henry Sharp
  • Laurence Sisson
  • Eric Sloane
  • Bettina Steinke
  • Kirk Tatom
  • Michael Tatom
  • Walter Ufer
  • Rory Wagner