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Ventana Fine Art

A destination gallery for 35 years, Ventana represents contemporary American painters, including Angus, John Axton, Frank Balaam, Paul-Henri Bourguignon, Martha Braun, Irby Brown, Jennifer Davenport, Doug Dawson, Dick Evans, Albert Handell, Doug Higgins, Ron Hubble, Natasha Isenhour, Tamar Kander, Barry McCuan, Margaret Nes, John Nieto, Jean Richardson, Mary Silverwood and Melissa Weinman. The enchanting gardens and interior rooms exhibit sculpture by Jim Agius, Jimmy Cook, Mark Yale Harris, Roger Martin, Michael Masse and Rebecca Tobey. Also on display is jewelry by Joyce Robins.


400 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Mon-Sat: 9:30am-5:00pm • Sun: 10:00am-4:00pm
Connie Axton Owner
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Events at Ventana Fine Art

  • August 19 to August 31

    Join Ventana Fine Art for its Indian Market exhibition, An American Icon, featuring new artworks by John Nieto. This artist is one… more »

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Artists Represented

  • James Agius
  • Angus
  • John Axton
  • Frank Balaam
  • Paul-Henri Bourguignon
  • Martha Braun
  • Irby Brown
  • Jimmy Cook
  • Jennifer Davenport
  • Doug Dawson
  • Dick Evans
  • Albert Handell
  • Mark Yale Harris
  • Doug Higgins
  • Rod Hubble
  • Natasha Isenhour
  • Tamar Kander
  • Roger Martin
  • Michael Masse
  • Barry McCuan
  • Margaret Nes
  • John Nieto
  • Jean Richardson
  • Brad Robertson
  • Joyce Robins
  • Mary Silverwood
  • Rebecca Tobey
  • Melissa Weinman